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Make sure you have read and understood the following:
I have a signed offer to purchase from the seller.
I understand that it is best for Bondspark to be the sole applicant at all the chosen banks on my behalf.
I understand that Bondspark will do everything they can to get the most competitive rate and cannot guarantee a better rate.
How does the process work exactly
Prequalify for a home loan
You can use our calculators to easily check how much you can afford, or you can prequalify and get a certificate.
Turn your prequalification into an application
Once you’ve prequalified, simply continue with the next few steps
Send us your supporting documents
After your application you’ll be asked to send us a few documents and then we’re ready to submit your application
Then what?
After your application has been sent to the banks you’ve selected, they will review your application. Once a bank is happy with the information you have submitted they will send you a reply saying: “Approved in principal”. This means the banks are willing to grant you a home loan at this rate — given the property valuation they do confirms everything is in order. Then it is time for you to pick the best offer. (Waiting for an Approval in principal takes about 10 days.)
We love our clients, and they love us.
What's not to like about that?
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